prawo korporacyjne


Comprehensive advisory services

companies and corporate law / legal and business consulting

For every entrepreneur running a business is a huge challenge, associated with constant development and pursuit for the best results. However, the business development is often slowed down by legal requirements. Complicated network of legal requirements often does not allow to spread your wings. Our job is to avoid such situation. 

We advise our clients on everyday matters, but also in the most complicated undertakings, constituting a secret of their success. We combine our legal knowledge with client’s point of view and his needs. We create practical and strategic solutions which are fully adapted to the character of conducted business. Our approach derives from our own, long-standing business experience,  

We offer the following support: 

  • day-to-day assistance in running corporate matters of the company, 
  • choosing most optimum models of running a business, 
  • formation, transformation, division, mergers and liquidation of the companies, 
  • legal audits and analysis of the enterprise (due dilligence), 
  • performing activities on behalf of the company’s authorities, drawing up relevant documents such as statues, bylaws, resolutions, 
  • holding shareholders’ meetings and supervisory and management board meetings, 
  • preparing drafts of trading agreements, verification and negotiation of the contracts, 
  • providing legal opinions on interpretation and application of law of companies and commercial law, 
  • resolving company’s internal disputes,  
  • representation in judicial proceedings, 
  • carrying out other activities required by commercial and companies law.